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Let's See What We Have Here

One of the teams in sweden 2008, that pulled home the swedish workingdog title.

Allan with a 4-dog team

Another of the teams in sweden 2008, that pulled home the swedish workingdog title.

 Malou (Taolanquest Master Of The Game * Black Lotus Cute N' Crazy Tiger), owned by Heidie Hemmingsen, was the first danish dog that as a singel team passed the test. Great accomplishment !!!!!!!!


The Alaskan Malamute is the largest of the sledge dog breeds. Through history the Malamute was used for pulling the heavy loads over longs distances. In Kennel Black Lotus we will try to maintain the original skills of the breed and at the same time make good family dogs. We are trying to maintain this element by working them in front of a 3-wheel cart, because the Danish climate does usually not allow us any other way. Our working season normally starts in September and goes through winter and springtime around April — though depending on the temperature. As soon as the temperature gets over 10 degree Celsius the dogs eagerness and working ability is reduced considerable. We try to work our dogs 2 — 4 times a week and we usually have 3-6 dogs in front the cart every time. We start out on velo (in front of a bike) with the puppies when they are around 6-8 months depending on their developing. The working program is individually for each puppy, because we carefully estimate how "done" each of them are in their joints and movement.

Our goal is to maintain the breeds naturally instincts and interests for what they originally were created for, to keep the dogs in a physical good condition/shape, to teach the dogs co-operation and discipline and offcause to expirence a couple of weeks every winter in "the right element".

And offcause we won't forget our old lady, Xantia, who have produced all these lovely children, grand children and great grand children, and who today think that there is a better way to enjoy the winter than running.

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