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Kennel Black Lotus counts 5 dogs. We have been working with Alaskan Malamutes since 1993, on different levels, and have in that time built up a good knowledge to the breed. We have for many years cooperated with a number of good kennels around the world, but most parts have been located in USA and Canada.

Jette, 37 years, have through alle the years, been the main force in our breeding program. She was the one that have made all the combinations which makes our wonderful dogs and was the one taking care of all the paperwork. Further more she was very active in teaching handlers, based on her many years of experience and succes in the showring. Jette is not among us anymore but will be remembered by her enormus knowledge to the breed and for all the great results she have achived though the years. May she rest in peace.

Allan, 37 years, is the main force behind the dogs working qualities. He is the musher in the kennel and spends a lot of time training and maintaining the physical and mental working abilities of our dogs. Furthermore he is a importent part of the succes the kennel has achived in the showring. He handels most of the dogs.

We see a great advange in having different areas of interests, and have developed together with the dogs. That gives us and the dogs a very good mutual understanding in how the different aktivites and daily routines should be executed.

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